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Hugging a Pillow

Women's Health Package 

The Women's Health Package is a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Micronutrient testing

  • GI-MAP stool test

  • The DUTCH Test for hormone testing

  • Mediator Release Test for food sensitivity assessment

  • Six 1-hour sessions (Friday's only) + One bonus 1-hour session.

The Women's Health package is for women who want to resolve or manage symptoms related to PCOS, fibroids, chronic fatigue, gut issues, chronic hair loss, detoxification or women who just want to feel and live better.  The combination of these results will provide data for a comprehensive intervention strategy and address root cause issues.  The sessions include accountability, education, interpretation of results and consistent encouragement.  If you are ready to commit to a process that leads to healing, then this is the package for you. 

This package is for private pay clients only and sessions are only on Fridays.

COST: $2799

Have questions about this package and working with me? 

Send me an email via the Contact section (in the menu above) and we will schedule a complimentary 1-hour conversation.  Thank you! - Katrice

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