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Herbs and Vegetables

"With expertise, ingenuity and kindness, Katrice's sessions and instructions brought my blood sugar levels down and vitamin D level up." - Cheryl


"Finding and working with Katrice has been life altering for my family. My daughter would have “boughts” of intestinal pain and I was unable to diagnose and fix it. It made me feel helpless as a mom. Since learning of her food sensitivities through MRT, we have significantly reduced all of her symptoms. I cannot thank Katrice enough for her knowledge and support in this process and implementation of her modified meal plan." - Mrs. Martin

"Since I started working with Katrice, I am happy to say, I am no longer pre-diabetic! I’m making strides in my weight loss and am continuing to lose about 1-1.5lbs a week – even with my daily bowl of ice cream. I mostly crave healthy foods, and have started reaching for better quality foods instead of larger quantities of food. My skin is much clearer, I have more consistent energy throughout the day." - Jessica

Katrice Mayo


A nutrition consultation with me can change your quality of life and enhance your health and well-being.

Food Sensitivities


Are you trying elimination diets and still can't figure out which foods are causing detrimental symptoms?  Mediator Release Testing (MRT) is designed to give you "root cause" results and take out the guess work.

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