All appointments are conducted via telemedicine. 
Please contact my LWell support team at 757-585-3441 to book an appointment. 

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Herbal Remedies
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Holistic Initial Consultation

The first consultation involves a one hour deep dive to understand your nutrition needs based on the condition(s) you need addressed. Since a holistic approach is the goal, recommendations founded in Integrative and Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine will be given. Mediator Release Testing, stool testing and supplements may be suggested to address your condition, gut health and/or inflammation.


Call 757-585-3441 to book your first consultation.

Mediator Release Testing

Whether it is chronic migraines, IBS, PCOS, skin issues, IBD, GERD or just not feeling right, MRT provides the best elimination diet results for the development of your personalized Immunocalm Meal Plan along with LEAP (lifestyle eating and performance) Protocol.  The 5 'R' Framework for gut restoration is also implemented as needed.


Call 757-585-3441 to book an appointment.