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Group Coaching

Virtual Group Coaching is coming in 2023.  Subscribe below to get on the wait list and be the first to know when it starts!

Group coaching is a great way to enhance your lifestyle change experience.  Why?  It gives you a greater level of accountability, your journey includes people who want to transform their lives at the same time and it makes the process enjoyable.  Transforming your lifestyle to better wellness is not always a linear experience, which is why group coaching is what you need.  In this environment, you get to share your wins & woes with a group to support you and cheer you on!

So how does it work?  We meet once a week for 24-weeks.  The maximum amount of participants is 10.

Below is a list of some sample topics:

Essential Carbohydrates vs Sugar Addiction

Herbs & Spices for Health


Gut Health

Bitter Deficiency Syndrome

Decolonzied Eating

How you show up

Stress managment and the food choice response.

Group coaching is cash pay only.  It is not covered by insurance or FSA.

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